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Lodge am Krippenstein

The Lodge at Krippenstein | Dachstein

About us

The former Schutzhaus am Krippenstein, we bought (families Rosifka / Unterdechler) in 2004 and rebuilt several times.

2004 The Krippenstein faces an uncertain future.
Due to the closure of the mountain hotel Krippenstein, including the associated self-service restaurants, the gastronomy on the mountain has almost come to a standstill. After the acquisition of the former shelter Krippenstein, whose history goes back to the 50s, we started immediately with the submission of the redevelopment plans. The shelter was completely renovated after approval of the plans in the summer of 2004 and extended by about 500m2. Thus, the operation could be resumed at Christmas, now as a lodge on Krippenstein. After the first winter season on Krippenstein, which went very well for our company, the work on the lodge was resumed and completed in the summer months of 2005. Expansion of comfort rooms on the first floor of the lodge, where the old shared rooms have been converted into modern double and 4-bed comfort rooms with shower, toilet and TV.

2006 The plans for modernization.
The planning for the modernization of the cable cars at Krippenstein is approved.

2007 new building
In the summer season, the construction of the 1st and 2nd section of the Dachstein Bahn at Krippenstein and the construction of the viewing platform “5-fingers” were completed. The lodge was open throughout the summer season. The arrival of our guests and the supply and disposal of the lodge was carried out with the former military cable car over the Oberfeld and the third section of the Dachstein Bahn. The lodge was at that time also the quarters for the workers who were involved in the construction of the New Cable Car.

2008 Overwhelming visitor numbers.
Due to the accessibility with the new cable car and especially the viewing platform “5-fingers”, the number of visitors at the Krippenstein reached a new level. This was followed by plans for the further development of the lodge in the field of energy.

Construction of a photovoltaic system and the expansion of the solar system, as well as the construction of a fully automatic wood heating system, in order to remain true to our sustainable energy production line. Increase of the existing staff accommodation and a doubling of the number of seats on the solar route.

2009 Wedding of Monika and Clemens Unterdechler.
On the 2nd of May 2009 we got married in the Heilbronn Chapel at the top of the Krippenstein.
Our own wedding brought a lot of wedding requests and has become an important part of our offer.

In the same year the national exhibition was carried out in the Salzkammergut. Increasing numbers of visitors at Krippenstein and in the lodge were the result. The construction of the planned photovoltaic system with a total capacity of 12,000 kilowatt hours was already implemented in 2009.

2010 Expansion of staff accommodation and extension of the sunroof were approved.
Immediately the preliminary work on the upcoming construction project started. At an altitude of over 2000 meters, a very precise planning of the construction measures is required. The weather as well as the transport of building materials are also a big challenge.

2011 The constant accessibility and accessibility of the viewing platform 5-Fingers
is carried out in the winter by ourselves at first and thus extends the hiking offer on the mountain. In April, just after the end of the winter season, the start was made for the addition of the new terrace and staff accommodation. Construction was completed in record time by the end of June. The new sheltered terrace was very well received by our guests and is still very popular. On August 22, 2011, our daughter Katharina saw the light of day. Despite a very difficult staff situation from the middle of the year, this season was also very successfully completed as usual without a rest day.

A highly motivated staff is important to us. This was followed by the purchase of a staff apartment in Obertraun, which can be occupied by the staff alternately. It allows our employees to spend free days in the valley to then again highly motivated to look after our guests.

2012 Planning for the further development of our energy concept.
The luck to enjoy our little family Katharina, Moni and Clemens was the most important thing for us.

2013 Submission of plans for the energy concept “New”.
The approval took place at the end of the year. On the 21st of December the birth of our son Matthew.

2014 Implementation of the energy concept
with the construction of a stationary woodchip plant, a woodchip boiler and the associated control system. Being up-to-date in terms of alternative energy use is also important to us. The lodge is a “Climate Alliance operation” and we remain true to our line. The work was completed in July 2014.

2015 General renovation
the existing comfort room with new floors made of local larch wood and furniture made of pine and cherry wood. Expansion of the existing WLAN into a fast, future-oriented system.

2016 enlargement
the kitchen, new building of the dispensing system. General refurbishment of the dining room with furniture made of fine pine wood and the construction of a bar.
Construction of a wooden bridge on the terrace in autumn 2016 to facilitate access from the north on the one hand and barrier-free access on the other hand.

Plans to increase and improve the quality of the lodge on Krippenstein by about 500m2. Extension by an extension with new entrance area, reception, office, 4 luxury rooms and a “high end suite” and additional staff accommodations.

2017 Extension and expansion of the lodge
Immediately after the approval of the construction project to expand and expand the lodge, construction began in September.
For the realization in an extremely short construction time a perfect planning was necessary, because in addition also until the 26. October the current enterprise was to be ensured.

On December 23, the “New Lodge” opened after a construction period of just three and a half months and welcomed the first guests.

2018 Digital Offensive.
Adjusting software and hardware and improving the Internet presence are our goals for this year.

We do not have enough, yet…

Our center of life is the Dachstein and we would be very happy if you could experience the magic of this mountain with us.

Monika und Clemens


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